Top 3 Misconceptions About Germany

This German misconceptions list is provided by Summer Rylander, a guest to the show on Episode 16

  1. That the German food scene is nothing but sausage, potatoes, and beer. The cuisine is quite nuanced throughout our many regions, and for more insight on German food and wine I highly recommend perusing A Sausage Has Two.
What is your favorite German food? We here at the show are partial to their bread. Well the liquid version. Okay fine, we like beer.

2. I feel like most people probably do realize this, but I feel like it’s still worth pointing out that Dirndls and Lederhosen are mostly worn during festivals and special events; people aren’t just walking around all the time in traditional Bavarian garb.¬†


What would you think are considered ‘Traditional American clothes?’ Blue Jeans? Baseball caps?

3. Germans are often praised for their efficiency and innovation, but don’t be surprised if you try to buy something and can’t pay with a card, or when you settle into a cafe to get some work done only to find that there’s no wifi.


Has a restaurant ever made you go to an ATM since they didn’t take card and you didn’t have cash? I think every expat, or even just world traveler has experienced that at one point or another.

Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments any other misconceptions you know of! If you’d like to learn more about Summer, you can listen to her interview from Episode 16 or go to her website,

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