Top 3 Things To Do In Corfu

This Corfu Top 3 list is provided by Bradley Fink, a guest to the show from Episode 6.

1. Wander around the Corfu Old Town. Old town Corfu is a charming seaside village with classic architecture and beautiful views. Get lost on the Venetian streets, relax at a cafe, and have a delicious meal at one of the local tavernas. And make sure you head to the old fortress for a panoramic view of the city.,

A square in the Corfu Old Town. Filled with people during the season, the rest of the year it’s relaxed and empty, with locals meeting friends around the statue or having a coffee at one of the cafes just out of the frame of this picture.

2. Hit the beaches. Rent a car and drive 30 minutes west of the old town, to the beaches of Agios Gordis and Glyfada. You will pass through lovely landscapes along the way, and quaint little villages. Make sure to time it right so that you can enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Sunset in from a beach taverna in Agios Gordios. Sunsets on the western part of the island are not to be missed. The beaches on the west have softer sand than those on the east, so get yourself a glass of wine, kick off your shoes and enjoy the view on one of the many beautiful beaches in Corfu. Life is a beautiful ride.

3. Angelokastro (Castle of the Angel). The castle perched atop the highest peak of the island’s shoreline, on the northwest coast near Palaiokastritsa, are the ruins of Angelokastro. This epic Byzantine castle offers perhaps the most beautiful views you’ll find on the entire island. It’s not a difficult climb, but wear your walking shoes.

HIke up to the top of the ruin to have the most spectacular view across the sea, or look down southwest to see the popular resort town of Palaiokastritsa with its beautiful beaches and fancy yacht harbour.

All photos provided by Cody Simon, the producer of The Expat Chit Chat Show

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