Top 3 Foods to try in Bali

This list is provided by Tom Mullaly, a guest of The Expat Chit Chat Show, Episode 12

1. If you eat pork try Balinese babi guling. Anthony Bourdain said it was the best pork dish he’d had anywhere, which is saying something. Ask a local. 


2. Nasi campur. A mix of 5 to 15 small portions of food, a hint at Indonesia’s endless culinary variety beyond Bali. 

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3. Exotic Asian fruit. Westerners will see lots of fruit that’s new to them. Dragonfruit, mangosteen (my all-time favorite!), snakefruit, rambutan, milk banana, and if it’s in season you should try durian. Durian is an acquired taste but who knows– you might like it!

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