Episode 17: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Here is an interesting short story about heartbreak, about love. True love.


You can read the transcript below.

Sitting broken hearted at a park at beijing Language and cultural university I was sifting through the shattered remains of a broken relationship. Wollowing in the comfortable silence of an uncomfortable feeling, I look into my beer and wanting to fill the void I ask my friend Natty. Do you believe in true love? Actual soul mates.

She laughs at the stereotypical question of recently wounded.
If you asked me just after my last relationship I would say it is bullshit. And if I had anyone other than my parents I would tell you the same. 
Zach I never believed in true love, but there are no two people on this planet more in love than my parents. They don’t even fight. They’ve been together over fifty years and they still hold hands at breakfast.
One day as a joke my brother asked my dad if he and mom split up if he would every remarry, and my dad got so mad he didn’t talk to any of us for a week.
One time at Disney land one of those cartoon characters tried to kiss my mom on the cheek and my dad almost punched him in the face.
Which one was it?
Your dad almost punched goofy in the face?
My dad almost punched goofy in the face.

We begin laughing almost to the point of crying.

My dad almost punched goofy in the face, because he loves my mom that much.

How are they so in love?

My dad says he always knew. My mom says she wasn’t as sure until about a week later.

Come on, no one can be so sure at first.

My dad swears he was.

How did they meet.

Well fifty years ago in Chilé when my dad was about 16, everyone says he was the most handsome man in the village. All the ladies Loved him. And in his class just so happened to be the most beautiful woman in all the village. One day she invited him and his friends to the first communion of her sister. See she came from a family of 7 girls.

So he was sitting in the church with a group of his friends joking around when she walked in, my dad says in that moment he knew. He pointed right at my mom and said to his friend, you see her? She is going to be my wife.
His friend then said, ‘come on that’s our friend don’t be stupid, you see her in class all the time.’
No, not her, the beautiful one beside her. She is the most beautiful woman I have every seen in my entire life.
‘Who? That scrawny thing? Come on, she is not ugly, but she’s hardly beautiful. I mean look at her sisters.’

And my dad punched him right in the arm.

She is an angel, that’s my future wife.

A few days later my dad dressed in his best suit, bought a rose and showed up to my moms house. As he walked up to the house all the sisters got excited, because there he was, the mosthandsome man in the village was walking to their door holding a rose. They all thought that he would be asking the oldest sister, my aunt out for a date. So she got her self ready while one of the other sisters answered the door. 

My dad as bold as he could be said, I am here to ask the Most beautiful woman in the world if she would take a walk with me.
Hold on just a second. Said the sister.

Then my aunt came to the door and the young man. ‘What do you want?’

‘I want take the most beautiful woman in the world on a walk.’

‘Well I’m here. So ask.’

‘I’m sorry.’ He said, ‘you are pretty,but you are not the MOST beautiful woman in the world. I’m looking for your younger sister. All of the women hiding on the other side of the door were shocked. They were all tall curvy, pale skin, blonde hair. The standard of beauty at that time. And there was my mom, scrawny, tan, dark hair, dark eyes, and my dad the most handsome man in the village thought her to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

So my mom got permission to go on a walk for one hour. And they began talking, and talking, and talking and talking. They talked for hours, and they haven’t stopped since.

So if you ask me about true love, I say I haven’t experienced it. But if you ask me if I believe in it. I’ll say, just look at my parents. 

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