Cody Simon: On Moving To Ukraine, and Being A Young Retiree

Cody Simon in Brazil
Cody Simon on a trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A (Very) Short Bio of Cody Simon

Cody Simon is a very special guest to the show, being that he is the PRODUCER of The Expat Chit Chat Show! He is originally from Los Angeles, California but now living with his girlfriend in Lviv, Ukraine.

Cody Simon has a background in finance and worked in the investment banking field for years before decided to uproot his life and move to Beijing, China with the goal to become a business consultant on Sino-US corporate relations. After a fortuitous 4 years he was able to sell his company and escape one of his least favorite places.

Now that he is retired, he has a variety of hobbies to keep him busy, this podcast being one of them. He spends most of his days travelling or planning his next trip, or making content for his food website, Cooking To Entertain. When he isn’t doing any of that he enjoys a beer or four in the park.

Cody Simon originally met Zach Ireland, the host of The Expat Chit Chat Show when they were both living in Beijing. Even though now they are both living in two separate places (Ukraine and Taiwan) they remain friends.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Life in Ukraine as an expat
  • Why Cody Simon started a food website
  • Where are his favorite places to travel
  • His understandings of what success are
  • Why he wanted to get out of China
  • And More!

Cody Simon Current Hobbies

Cooking To Entertain (his food website)

The Expat Chit Chat Show (this website you’re on now)

Jet Set Together (his girlfriends travel website, which he sometimes helps with)

A Movie Currently In Production

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