Bradley Fink: On Leaving Corfu And Moving To London

The Expat Chit Chat Show Episode 25: Bradley Fink
Bradley Fink has left Corfu and now resides in London, England

When last we talked with Bradley Fink on The Expat Chit Chat Show podcast, he was living in Corfu, Greece having just left China after 7 years. Although he considers himself a resident of the world, he really believed he could settle down in Greece. 3 months after our first interview with him, he ups and leaves to beautiful Hammersmith, London.

Still retired, and still a cryptocurrency enthusiast, he has much to talk about in regards to the economy, and how he spends his free time.

Bradley Fink Talks About

In this episode, Brad discusses:

  • Why he left Corfu after just 4 months
  • Why he chose London as his new residence
  • How does Brad spend his days as a young retiree
  • His current opinion on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • Stuff about the economy (eg. IT’S BAD)
  • And lastly, what his hobbies are when he has all the time in the world

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Check Out Brad’s Two Hobbies:

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